About the Author

Anika Savoy loves to write! She attended McGill University in Montreal, Quebec, and graduated with distinction with a B.A. in English Literature. While at McGill, she won several creative writing awards. Anika thereafter graduated from the University of Cincinnati, College of Law with Dean’s Honors in 2001 and practiced law for almost 20 years.

Anika is fascinated with the Gilded Age and American history. She enjoys researching the lifestyles of ordinary people existing in an era of significant social disparity. We’ve heard enough about the exorbitantly wealthy industrial tycoons and their families, now let’s delve into the lives of the immigrants, the laborers, the midwives, the seamstresses, the maids, and the disabled. Hence the title of her current series, Ungilded. Anika also endeavors to add paranormal elements that take the reader into a fairy tale universe where ghosts and witches exist, and happy endings abound. Anika states, “Through allegory and myth, the richness and meaning of the human story come to life.” When asked what she wants her readers to experience, she answers, “Escape! We all long to plunge into multi-layered stories that entertain and enlighten.”